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Duneland School Corporation - Chesterton, Indiana - Public School District

Phone - 219-983-3605
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Duneland School Corporation School District

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Duneland School Corporation Reviews

from: mystic J H | submitted: May 13, 2010
Newton Yost El. School Your child will end up in a deep depression if u go here. Everyone from the PTO to the Principal live in their own world, if your house hold income isnt at leaste $80-100,000./a year forget about it, your not invited nor do u exist. The office staff are very rude, but the nurse is nice. The Principal walks around like Hitler. The teachers think if your kids are not perfect then they either have a learning disabilitie or they need to be medicated. The teachers say they will do somthing to help ur child but never do. Expecially the younger teachers! The teachers aids will scream at your child and not let them go to the bathroom so they end up doing it in their pants! The lunch aids make ur kids eat everything on their plate. They dont make enough lunch, so if ur kids are last they have to spread PB & J from a squeez tube on bread by their self. If your child is a 'Class Clown' they say that they have an emotional disability and put them in the 'special class'with 'violent kids" and enjoy putting them in the "Time out' room, ITS A PADDED CELL!!! NO JOKE!!!! I saw it and cried. IVE TALKED TO OTHER PARENTS, ITS NOT JUST ME. SO GLAD IM MOVING,

Duneland School Corporation School District Data
County of Location: Porter
Number of Schools in This District: 9
Student/Teacher ratio: 20.3
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 5,421
Total Males: 2,834
Total Females: 2,587
American Indian Students: 14
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 62
African Americans: 28
Hispanic: 144
White: 5,173
Total Staff: 597
Fulltime Teachers: 267
Ungraded Teachers: 0
Pre Kindergarten Teachers: 0
Kindergarten Teachers: 13
Elementary Teachers: 126
Secondary Teachers: 128
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 5
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 6
Total Guidance Counselors: 11
LEA Administrators: 5
School Administrators: 13
LEA Admin Support Staff: 2
School Admin Support Staff: 53
Student Support Services Staff: 3
Other Support Staff: 157
Library Media Support Staff: 0
Librarians Media Specialists: 11
Instructional Aides - Total: 72
Instructional Coordinators: 5